birth control

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Exams for birth control?

 “If i’m gettin birth control do i have to get looked at cause i dont want to be looked at”

A: If you are interested in getting birth control, you will have to be looked at by getting a pelvic exam. If you are under 21, you will probably not need a pap smear yet, but the nurse/doctor will need conduct an exam before giving you birth control.

Do you need to have an exam to get on birth control?

“I recently had a baby with my finance. We’re both underage. I have insurance under my dad nut my parents are against me getting birth control. Id like to secretly get it from family planning but im uncomfortable having anyone examine my body other than my doctor. My doctor saw me last month for my post partum check up & prescribed me the pill. Would I need to still have an exam.”

A: At Family Planning, a person does not need to have parental consent to get on birth control. However, all new patients must have an exam to get on birth control.

Discounted birth control?

“I went to the doctor for my annual exam and to get a new prescription for birth control pills because mine was up, but I don’t have insurance and because the exam was so much I can’t afford the prescription. Is there somewhere I can fill the prescription for free or at a discount? And if there is would I have to have another exam done there or can I just give them the prescription that my doctor wrote me?”

A “Unfortunately I do not know of anywhere that fills prescriptions for free or a discounted rate. If you do not have health insurance and are on a limited income you could come to our clinic. We work on a sliding fee scale meaning we bill patients on their family size and income. If you choose to come to our clinic you will need to have an exam before you can start on birth control pills. To make an appointment call 440-352-0608 for Painesville or 440-992-5953 for Ashtabula.”

Cost of IUDs at FPA

 “I was wondering if your organization offers Mirena or IUD devices and how much they typically cost. I use Depo-provera right now and I was reading about how it deprives a woman of calcium, so obviously I don’t want to be on it forever and I don’t want to go back to pill packs”

A: FPA offers both the Paraguard and Mirena IUDs. The Paraguard is priced on a sliding fee scale, based on the patient’s income. The Mirena is available via the Arch Foundation, which provides free IUDS to patients who qualify according to the foundation’s income guidelines. If a patient’s income is too high to qualify for a free Mirena, the FPA can provide one for $350.

Can I get birth control without having insurance?

“I am a 23 year old woman, without health insurance, who is currently on the birth control pill Tri-Sprintec. I usually got my pap test and prescription from the medical center at my University Campus. I have since graduated and am needing a new prescription for my pill. My annual test is due November 18. I wanted to know if the family planning center is able to conduct the pap test and issue a prescription for birth control, even though I do not have health insurance?”

A: Yes, Family Planning does provide annual exams for birth control even if a patient does not have health insurance. We recommend calling as soon as possible to schedule an appointment because there may be limited openings. A patients’ cost, who does not have health insurance, will be determined by their family size and income.

Can I get free birth control?

“Can I get birth control for free without my parents knowing? I am 15.”

A: At Family Planning, we do provide confidential services. The cost of birth control will be based off of a sliding fee scale, which is based off of a persons income.

I am on birth control, can I still become pregnant?


A: “Birth control pills, when take correctly, are 99% effective at preventing a pregnancy. Taken incorrectly, missing pills, not taking them at about the same time everyday etc. reduces there effectiveness to 95%.”

How would you know if you were pregnant?

“If your taking birth control and do not always have a period. How would you know if you got pregnant?”

A: “A woman would have to have a pregnancy test to make sure she is not pregnant. If a woman was taking her birth control correctly, the risk of pregnancy is extremely low. However, if a woman forgets to take her pills or doesn’t take them at about the same time every day, the effectiveness of the birth control decreases and the risk of pregnancy increases. If you are concerned about a pregnancy take an over the counter test or make an appojntment at Family Planning to take a pregnancy test. Always remember: for birth control to be effective it must be used correctly and consistently.”

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