22 years I pregnant?

“I am 22 years of age and currently on the two month shot. My partner and I had unprotected sex 4weeks ago but he didn’t cum in me. The week after we had sex, I experienced nausea which came and went. The following week I felt bloated and gassy. The week thereafter, I started getting sharp pains in my tummy. Could I be pregnant?

If you are concerned you may be pregnant make an appointment for a pregnancy test with your health care provider or a family planning clinic in your area. The Family Planning Association of Northeast Ohio uses urine based pregnancy tests.

15 and want to get pregnant

“I’m 15 years old and i was wondering if it would be safe if i got pregnant now? i really wanna get pregnant and have a kid of my own but everyone’s telling me to wait but i really don’t want to. what are your opinions about the situation?”

 Since we are health educators we recommend calling and making an appointment at Family Planning with our counselor. The counselor will help with any questions or concerns you have in your situation.

Marriage Counseling

“Hi I was wondering if you provided marriage counseling”

At this time, the FPA does not provide marriage or couples counselng. However, there may be community organizations in your area that can provide counseling at a free or reduced rate.

Am I eligible for the sliding fee scale?

Hello, I’m curious about eligibility and HIPPA. I’m working part time, going to school and am on my parents’ insurance. Could I be examined and buy birth control without using the insurance or having my parents find out? I have read about the sliding scale payments but want to make sure I am eligible and I want to make sure nothing turns up on the insurance statement.”

A: Family Planning provides confidentiality. A patient does not need parental consent to get on birth control. Our fees are based off of a sliding fee scale. This varies depending on a persons income. A patient can request not to have the cost submitted to their insurance.