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Can I get birth control if my tubes are tied?

Question: I have irregular menstrual cycles and my tubes are tied. Can I get in birth control to help regulate me?  I hate my body!

Answer: Yes, birth control is an option to help regulate menstrual cycles, even for women who have their tubes tied.  Please call us if you’d like to speak with a nurse or schedule an appointment. 440-352-0608

Do I have to wait until my next period to start birth control?

Question: Hello, I was wondering if I have to wait till I start my period next period to start my birth control.

Answer: You do not have to necessarily wait until your next period to start a hormonal birth control, but you will not be immediately protected from pregnancy. You have a few different options: (These options are for birth control pills)

Sunday Start- Take your first pill on the first Sunday during your period. Use a back-up method (Condoms) for 7 days.

First-day Start- Take your first pill on the first day of your next period.

Quick Start- Take your first pill while you are in our office (or that day at home). A back up birth control (condoms) should be used for 7 days. You will not get your period until you finish taking the active pills.

I’m not sure what type of birth control you are using (pills, NuvaRing, patch, etc) but if you have any questions please call Family Planning at 440-352-0608


How much are birth control pills and do I need an appointment?

Question: I’m only 16 and I need birth control pills. I have a job and am willing to pay for pills but I don’t want to involve my parents because they’d disagree and I probably wouldn’t get what I needed. How much would it be to get pills? Would I need an appointment? What other things would I have to provide?

Answer: Any new patient at Family Planning will need an appointment to get birth control.  Parents do not have to be involved in this process according to state law, but family involvement is always encouraged. The cost for birth control pills depends on a few factors. We accept private health insurance and Medicaid, but please keep in mind that if you use your parents’ insurance, they might be able to see “Family Planning” on their summary of services which is usually sent in the mail. If you do not want to use insurance, then the cost is based off a sliding fee scale that is determined by your income. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Painesville: 440-352-0608 or Ashtabula: 440-992-5953

How often should I be tested for STIs and HIV?

Question: im a active gay man bottom and shared by my boy friend with his buddies and they do not use condoms as I enjoy the feeling and so do they. one of his friends just got of the prison system. how offen should I get std testing and hiv testing done

Answer: At Family Planning, we usually recommend that sexually active people get tested for STIs including HIV every 3-6 months.

Light period on Birth Control after sex

Question: My periods are very regular, I’m on birth control but I usually take it during different times of the day because I forget. I has sex with my boyfriend a few days before my period was supposed to start, and when it did there wasn’t really ANY blood. It was like the lightest spotting. I’m not sure if this means anything, but I’m worried.

Answer:  Unfortunately, since we are educators, we cannot tell you if this means anything. I can say that birth control should be taken at the same time every day for it be to the most effective. When someone forgets to take it at the same time every day, the chance for pregnancy does increase. Birth control can sometimes make periods very light.  I would recommend calling us at family planning and asking to speak with the nurse, who could help you further.  440-352-0608

What happens during a Pregnancy Test?

Question: I’d like to know exactly what happens when you go in for a pregnancy test. Ex) Is it a blood or urine test? Do you have to get a pelvic exam? Cost? Anything else you know of?

Answer:  When someone comes in for a pregnancy test, the social worker on staff meets with the patient. Pregnancy tests here at FPA are urine tests that take 3 minutes for the results. When the social worker has the result of the test, she meets with the patient to discuss the result and all options if the patient is pregnant, and discusses birth control and STI/HIV testing if the patient is not pregnant. Pelvic exams are usually not part of a pregnancy test appointment. The cost will be based on the the patient’s income, and where she falls on our sliding fee scale.  Please call 440-352-0608 for more information.

Cost for Chlamydia testing at Family Planning

Question: Do you do free testing for chlamydia?

Answer: The cost for all STI testing at Family Planning is determined by our sliding fee scale.  The patients income determines where they fall on that scale, so someone with a relatively low or no income would get their testing for a minimal to no cost.

Cost for teen to get the pill without insurance

Question: How much could a teen get the pill for without insurance?

Answer: I cannot say exactly how much birth control would be for someone of any age without insurance. The cost for birth control methods is determined by  where the person falls on our sliding fee scale, which takes into account the patient’s income.  Some people without insurance can qualify for Family Planning Medicaid as well, which helps cover the cost for any family planning related service (birth control, STI testing/treatment). Nobody is denied services here, so I would suggest making an appointment if you’re interested in birth control options. 440-352-0608

Can’t get through to Ashtabula phone to make appointment

Question: I need to make an appointment to start different birth control pills but every time I call the Ashtabula number, it just rings and rings and no one answers. How can I go about scheduling an appointment to get started?

Answer: They should be there at the Ashtabula Office Monday-Friday.  One Wednesday every month they are in Andover, and there is only 1 person working in Ashtabula, so it might be harder to get through on that day. On some Mondays, and every Thursday, they are not open until 11 am, so that might be why you can’t get through as well.  Here is the number: 440-992-5953.  Sometimes they get multiple calls at one time, so keep trying to call if you don’t get through the first or second time.

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