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What happens during a birth control appointment?

“What all happens at birth control appointment? I called the Painesville location and they said a regular exam without the pap test..but what exactly will they do? I”d really rather not get a pelivc exam i have no problem with a breast exam though.”

A:  At the Family Planning Association, if a person is under the age of 21, they will not need to have a pelvic exam unless they are showing symptoms of an infection.  If no symptoms are present, the nurse practitioner will do a visual exam.

How to determine how far along a person is in a pregnancy

“How would i know how for along am in my pregnancy, is there one day of the month we go by? If my last period was on February 7 and my due date is November 14..”

A:  For questions regarding a pregnancy, we recommend scheduling an appointment.  During the appointment, the patient will have the opportunity to ask any questions as well as figuring out how far along a person is in their pregnancy.  To schedule an appointment, call 440-352-0608.

When is teen clinic in Ashtabula?

“I was curious when the next walk-in was for teens for the Ashtabula area and if I were to be charged to take a pregnancy test?”

A:  Teen clinic at our Ashtabula location is every other Monday.  Walk-ins are from 2:3o-4:30pm.  For further questions, please call 440-992-5953.

STD testing in Ashtabula

“When do you do testing for STD’s and HIV, here in Ashtabula?  I’m a gay bottom male, last HIV test was last Nov. and never tested for STD’s.”

A:  If interested in getting an STD test, you can just call the Family Planning Association and schedule an appointment.  The phone number to our Ashtabula clinic is 440-992-5953.

Pregnancy Options

“How late is too late to end my pregnancy?  Where can I go for an abortion?

A:  The Family Planning Association provides all options counseling regarding pregnancy.  We do not do abortions, but can provide information about pregnancy termination.  To answer questions and to find out more information on your options, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our social worker at 440-352-0608.

How much does a visit for a pregnancy test cost?

“I was wondering if there are any fees to come in and take a pregnancy test? Im a week late..home tests are invalid. Can I walk in or do i have to make an appointment?”

A:  Here at Family Planning, the cost of a visit is based off a sliding fee scale.  The sliding fee scale is determined by a persons family size and income.  We recommend calling to schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test.  Depending on your age, we do have Teen Clinics where patients can walk in without having an appointment.  However, those times are specifically geared toward teens.  To get further information, we recommend calling our office at 440-352-0608.

Getting Implanon Removed

“Can i have my obgyn remove the implanon i had placed in my arm without my parents consent?”

A:  Here at Family Planning, we can remove Implanon without parental consent.  The person must be a patient of Family Planning to have it removed.

Had Implanon removed, should I get Plan B?

I had my inplanon removed 5 days ago after having it for over 1 year And right after it was removed I got the depo shot the same day. I completely forgot about having to wait 7 days after receiving the shot. Yesterday which would be 4 days on the shot I had sex without a condom. He did pull  But should I be worried? Should I get plan b pill?

A:  Having unprotected sex before the 7 days has passed, does put a person at risk for pregnancy.  If concerned about pregnancy, taking Emergency Contraception (Plan B), can lower the risk.

Getting pregnant after Implanon

After being on the inplanon for over 1 year, I already got it removed but About how long until ill be able to get pregnant again?

A:   It varies person to person.  But once someone has their implant removed, it shouldn’t take long for a person to get pregnant.

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